torsdag 11 augusti 2016

Christel Cederberg SLU Sverige ! Hello its me Barbro Bruhn owner of Private agria culture registry sweden Global for farmers and breeder also you shall no write down all state vets have pick upp peoples animals and steal land and animals with private animal catcher with state counttys poliice ILLEGALY we take in now Morocco,Gambia,Russia and Japan controll animals with dna you as state agriaculture put in with wrong owners with Blå Basen and SKK ,,studbooks have been stolen by Djurambulansen skåne ,spca sweden and råå höjden AB Örkelljunga and Stall Höjer baying up burned horses to them selfes with fillys,mare and stallion and our COLT we now wanna back Agriculture research for development conference 2015

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