tisdag 23 februari 2016

To Unric United Nations nordic board about 21 state of sweden stealing horses ,dogs,cats,cows,goat,lamb,chicken,heen,bulls with non legal animalwelfare without court

To Unric United Nations nordic board about 21 state of sweden stealing horses ,dogs,cats,cows,goat,lamb,chicken,heen,bulls with non legal animalwelfare without court

SPBK SWEDEN OFFICE DJUR och Jordbruk barbro.bruhn@gmail.com

16:47 (5 minuter sedan)
till infomarcus.bjorklu.Karinkansli4.fmahovratten.skan.hogstaforvaltn.Registratorregistrator.sydRegistratorRegistratorRegistratorRegistratorGoldenIbthomas.bodstromkalla.faktaKennelThorén
we are several animalbreeders,animalowners and animalkeeper be robbed on our animals and also be putted in non legalcourt or be repported to police,,this people in state do this for keep animals they collected with private business.

there are severel people also have kill them selfes after state without the laws follow fn and eu konvetion and not eather do claim to police we do criminal for go in court about whart we have done for we shall not be able get a lawer

also police go in to our farms and home without legal paper from policecourt and take photos and arrange and also take in other photos in there states paper from civil people have manipulate photos

also put different animalforbidden on different people and on that for take all animals and say we are not alloud own animals in sweden and not alloude riding our horses or go for a walk with our dogs

also our children are not alloud have animals ,,states take also our children animal

state say also we breed sick breeding genetic,,when its not genetic

state say also we do linebreeding without check dna in SLU there we have our dna

sp please Unric Nations Board help us direkt swedens 21 states steal our animals and our children animals and our coming childrens animals

we as an company have ownerregistrated the stealing animals in sweden and in Londom company SPBK Sweden and SPBK International and Svenska Avelsdjurägarregistrering Helsingborg

also statevets and Politikan state vet in KD  Björn Dahlen with statevet Torsten Jakobsson with statevet Karin Lundborg all also be chif position in the department for take animals and also start private animaltaking with own builded violent program www.voov.se and run it with www.djurskyddet.se and on this way give animals to politican and also to justice people and they breed our animals to do sport in ATG and jumping and tracking horses and select own money with put own people in as breeder on our breedes animal we have breed not them

have do this animalsrules on a forbidden  stategoverment be puuted down with kanslicourt and still it runnin in www.jordbruksverket.se with 21 länsstyrelser whom pick up animals with own states policdepartment adn that are against courtsystem about democraty

Sincerly Barbro Bruhn Head director for animalregistry sweden SPBK Hästar Helsingborg with dna and severalowner contract  and several animalhost contract


also statevets say they have burning up our horses and cows then we have find the horses and cows still be in animalproducing

sp please Unric Nordic board help us breeders get back our right and our own owning of our breeding and also help us take away the animalforbidden they have do on us unlegal

we also have the secret list swedish police have and hunt people with with statepeople and private people

they have listed us as russian people and romer
but we are swedish and danish citizen

also they put secret annimal forbidden on people so on this list people in LRF Lantmännens riksförbund are putted in
they dont now it spo police just drive in and pick up animals after vet in own office decide they shall pick upp animals

so please help us

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