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Barbro Bruhn har delat sitt foto.
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DKK = Denmark (EU) ‪#‎Born‬ Northern Dancer
im a Stallion Fighting for Americas People and Denmarks People and Swedens with United Kingdom four Countrys United People Im SPBK SWEDEN SPBK Hästar Gambler Waitnsee PtHA # copyrighted By America,Denmark and Sweden with SPBK Hästar Helsingborg Barbro Bruhn MVK VD and Board SPBK SWEDEN United Kingdom and for kingdoms United Kingdom Wales SGB North Ireland SCottland
Im a Stallion with the name SGB Sowronek my lines owned by States of Greate Brittania and with countrys own mu mother and fatther and also by countrys own my famhorses before me
so sweden own my foal and fillys also with SGB with Saudi Arania owned hoesws and Österiche owned horses etcetera
my som and grandsson are SPBK Sweden Lady Wenworth SPBK SWEDEN #Raffles and the Stallion Gambler WAITNSEE are also my soninla in generition also my biöogic 3DNA for USA people with Swedish and Danish States in ÖRESUNDSREGIONEN
Barbro Bruhn
SPBK SWEDEN Gambler Waitnsee ägare Jaenette M
Kullberg Danmark med Sverige uppfödare och Danmarks Uppfödare och Texas USA George Bush Family
Vote for JEB BUSH...
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så ha pappersid och hästpass gjorda djurinspektörerna ska kontrollera med jordbruksverket så Hästar har Pass
så se till ni har ordning på era hagar och stall att det är enligt EU reglerna
och låt inte inspektörer gå in på era hästgårdar dom får intte det,,sverige måste följa EU
så det Länsstyrelsen skriver dom får gå in är Först när det är husrannsakan fastställd av ert Poliskonor i er kommun med regionens huvudregions kontor
så Skåne Belekinge Halland och ett län till ska h...
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Jamila Berg's Islandshästar
Blivande stjärnhäst? ‪#‎Fallahja‬ S.G e:Maharajah 🌟‪#‎Maharajah‬
Barbro Bruhn har gjort inlägg om detta.
Exciting moment for us to see the ‪#‎Maharajah‬ fly to ‪#‎SFO‬ - Ms. Sheema Vohra, India rep, #SFO Travel and @flySFO
Pahral Ji Nair har delat Pan Ex inlägg — kände sig Royal medSanthi Subra och 43 andra.
Pan Ex har lagt till 20 nya foton — med Pahral Ji Nair och 4 andra.
Costume by Mr ari (styleinn paradise seri alam).
Makeover by mdm jayasri (divisha bridal).
Choreography by Mr pan...
Air India har lagt till 8 nya foton.
‪#‎AirIndia‬ employees raring to go ‪#‎SCMM‬. Enthusiasm before the run.‪#‎Maharajah‬ flies high.
Right now this is all I dream about....Chicken pakora from ‪#‎maharajah‬restaurant
[Repost] "Branding such as the ‪#‎AirIndia‬ ‪#‎Maharajah‬ represents a 'heritage experience' and cannot afford to be 'ordinary or diluted'," writes Kanika Gahlaut.
What top Indian fashion designers have to say about the makeover.
Well, The rains cleared & the sun is shining.. Saturday nights upon us which guest will seat on this chair tonight? ‪#‎privatedining‬ ‪#‎maharajah‬ ‪#‎special‬ Hire now for our private dining area! Seats 18. Call 0161 202 0055 for more information ‪#‎vermilionuk‬ ‪#‎vermilionmanchester‬
Where can I try this dish? Paranthe Wali Gali in ‪#‎Chandni_Chowk‬, whose past customers include the likes of ‪#‎Maharajah‬ of ‪#‎Kashmir‬ and even Prime Minister Nehru and his family; Moolchand Parathe Wala located in ‪#‎South_Delhi‬ was SRK’s favourite when he used to live in Delhi
Food is an universal language in itself and it gathers everyone from different age groups. With @burpple, we gather with hunger for food & share our best reviews of food in town to you folks!
TGIF folks!
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#November 12, 1936 #Maharajah of #Travancore signed historic #Temple Entry Proclamation, and “in one bold stroke, the age long injustice of barring lower castes from entering temple was removed.” And, a “tidal wave of joy and rejoicing passed through every nook and corner” of Travancore. The action attracted attention and admiration from the whole country.
Today, November 12, 2011, marks the 75th anniversary of the momentous Temple Entry…
Let's start our Ber Months with this spectacular promo. Stay in ‪#‎Maharajah‬ and enjoy while relaxing and dine with our scrumptious designed dishes make everything worthwhile.
Enjoy 20% Discount in all our room type with complimentary breakfast plus a 10% discount in our FnB.
For Booking please call (045) 625 6972 *893-2906 *322 3681.
If you want to experience an relaxing ‪#‎vacation‬ this rainy season, then come and visit ‪#‎Maharajah‬, we are giving 40% discount in all room types with FREE BREAKFAST.
Offer is available until August 31,2014
For inquiries please call (045) 625 6972 *893-2906 *322 3681.
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The best ‪#‎Bollywood‬ ‪#‎Theme‬ ‪#‎Party‬ I have ever Seen..
Amazing Location 🏡
Mind Blowing Decoration 🎊
Gorgeous people 👭👬
Best ‪#‎creative‬ costume like ‪#‎maharajah‬ ‪#‎maharani‬ 👳🏽👸🏽...
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City Palace-Jaipur, India-The Maharajah's special horsemen in full dress. This is one of the most beautiful palaces in all of Rajasthan.
‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎rajasthan‬ ‪#‎maharajah‬
Happy ‪#‎nationalipaday‬ to everyone and one of my favorite ‪#‎breweries‬@averybrewing in ‪#‎Boulder‬ ‪#‎Colorado‬. Great ‪#‎beer‬ AND great ‪#‎grub‬! The‪#‎maharajah‬ though.... Cheers! ‪#‎grubfiend‬ 

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