lördag 10 oktober 2015

Pitbull made in Sweden by SPBK Svenska Pitbull Klubben Puppies are first time on the beach here in Helsingborg,,only 10 minites with boat there are Helsingör Denmark and they kill this kind of dogs

spbk International spbk hästar lines of Safara ox b 1947 mesaud n and rosemary linebreed with foal

Spbk International spbk hästar lines of  Bruhn´s Spbk Scania terrier linebreed 25 % dna in SLU Sweden and studstock last breeding 2011 with 6,21 % after Swedish rules by SKK then 6 generation breed out for not be linebreed and then check 5 dna changes also same on horses we can check with dna the linebreed so we hold the legal limit in studstock and id not we breed it to legal linebreed with dna both on cows,horses,cats,goats,scheep
so non agriaculture of state shall  stop breeding of innocent animals not have decises or angryness  animalculture states animalinspektors say animals have for take citizens animal or kids as they have do  ,,so we breed studstocks  helthy again,,not stop breeding becouse of linebreed,,we dont have so many pure animals left,,so with Global breeding with FN 2015 - 2030 we have the dutu between 2010 - 2035 from 1898 UKC kennelclub USA and then we also do this for hel Saudi Arabia and 5 arabian countrys with Asia, India and Afrika with EU states
Bless You all and LOVE all Animals,remeber we are also Animals the biggest Predators,whom shall safe the world with this generation of Predators we are if we not work together and remind us,,we can be the last generation in the worl whom can FIX it

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